Installation Armchair travel

Worktitle "Travel to Morocco"
Museum van Bommel van Dam

Mixed media
200 cm x 200 x 244 cm


Rooding has never been in Morocco. But to be an armchair traveller is no problem for her. When her mind goes to Morocco, she smells a certain scent, warm and spicy, such as the fragrance of peppermint thee. She hears the hullabaloo of a city with hooting cars and just a little bit further away the trampling of a heavy loaded donkey. The allure calls of a mosque, music, and once out of the city her foot steps in the sand.


Of course she comes into contact with the products of this country. She feels Berber carpet and smooth leather. She’s also invited in by a Moroccan family and they show her their photograph album.


It is a travel for all the senses. Where next to observing, fragrance, grope, and sound also come up for discussion. Organized in the right order. She uses the word order because we Dutch are often so arranged, everything grouped. Put in boxes with and neat label. This is as well the basic of this design.